Has Verstappen Crashed Today?


The grid is safe... for now!

Verstappen last crashed today days ago


Verstappen's last crash was on during at the Grand Prix.

About this page

This page was inspired by HasMaldonardoCrashedToday, and is just for fun. I actually really like Max Verstappen. I just think he needs to get a handle on which moves work and which don't, and quickly before he gets a very bad reputation.

About the data

The data used for this page is manually entered. It is at my sole discretion whether I count something as a crash. I will generally enter any collision which I believe Max shares a reasonable portion of the responsibility for.

As I must update this manually, there may be a delay before it is updated. I may be busy, or could be watching the race time-delayed (recording or catch-up). I may also miss a race or session and have to rely on reported data.

Where I must rely on news sources, I will generally take RaceFans.net as my primary source. I whole-heartedly recommend any F1 fan to check it out.

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I am a contract software developer, geek, tech-head and F1 fan.

I have followed F1 since I was a child, in the 90s. I love the mixture of technology, sport and entertainment.

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